The Lifeline of Business: Choosing the Right Broadband Service

In today’s fast-paced business environment, staying connected is not just an option—it’s a necessity. As businesses of all sizes rely increasingly on digital processes, from cloud computing to online customer engagement, the demand for reliable broadband service has never been higher. Choosing the exemplary broadband service is akin to selecting a lifeline for your business. […]

The Future of Communication Unveiled: Mastering the PSTN Switch Off with Microtalk’s Expertise

The Digital Revolution in Telecommunications The realm of telecommunications is witnessing a monumental digital revolution, reshaping how we connect and communicate. A pivotal aspect of this transformation is the PSTN Switch Off, which marks a significant shift impacting various sectors, particularly education. This change reflects the evolution of technology and its profound effects on our […]

Unlocking Digital Learning: The UK’s “Connect the Classroom” Scheme

In the era of digital education, the UK government’s “Connect the Classroom” scheme emerges as a beacon of progress. Aimed at revolutionizing the learning landscape, this initiative focuses on enhancing Wi-Fi infrastructure in schools, particularly in designated areas. This blog delves into the scheme’s objectives, benefits, and the profound impact it aims to have on […]

7 Common Myths Around Full-Fibre Broadband

The countdown to the 2025 Switch Off has hit the two-year mark, which means it’s time for businesses to consider what the digitalisation will mean for them. The Switch Off will see the retirement of the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN), and the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), which host landline telephone calls and some […]

Fibre vs Copper: Everything Businesses Need to Know

The UK is only two years away from a digital revolution that will change the way businesses communicate, both internally and with their customers. The 2025 Switch Off will bring the UK into a new era of connectivity, so all businesses must be aware of the changes, or risk being cut off. The 2025 Switch […]

The Benefits of Partnering with Your Local ISP for Fibre Broadband

We’ve all heard the slogan ‘shop local’ but have you ever thought that this might apply to businesses rather than just consumers? As the world expands, businesses are often led to believe that partnering with the biggest company will work in their favour, but when it comes to your internet service provider (ISPs), the opposite […]

What is FTTP and its Benefits?

What is FTTP? Is it not the same as Fibre Optic? What are the benefits of FTTP? We have gotten these questions a lot since launching FTTP in the UK. Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) is a fibre optic cable transmission system that enables an Internet service provider to access the Internet directly from customers […]

Move Your Landline to the Cloud

  The question of getting rid of your landline is not “If you should get rid of your landline” but more like when. The ISDN cut-off point is fast approaching, and by 2025 most UK households and businesses will not be using standard BT landlines. Instead would have an option to move to a cloud […]

How to Plan On-Hold Music

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Microtalk Has Completed the Acquisition of MetPlus Telecom

Microtalk has completed the acquisition of MetPlus Telecom; a UK-based telecoms services reseller with a substantial residential customer base, offering high-speed fibre broadband and traditional telephony services, including home landline rental and call packages. We’re looking forward to welcoming MetPlus Telecom subscribers to Micotalk and integrating them into our platform. As you may have read […]

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