Contact Center Features


IVRs are useful for handling large volumes of calls in a highly efficient manner. They can be configured to provide information, answer questions, reduce load on customer service and route calls to the right destinations. Your Cloud PBX supports an unlimited number of IVRs.

An IVR can be addressed by both external DDI numbers and internal extension numbers.

Each IVR may route calls to:

Voice Mail


IVR & Auto Attendant

External Number (mobile, landline and international)

There is no limit to the number of DDI numbers which can be answered by an IVR.

To make information and routing choices or to answer questions, the caller can input any digit strings and digit strings within the same IVR can be different lengths.

The Administration Portal enables you to easily upload your own recordings, voice prompts, questions and messages to be used in your IVRs.

There is no limit to the number of simultaneous calls which can be processed by an IVR.

There is no limit to the number of levels of IVR supported. This is enabled through the powerful concept of an IVR having the option to route to another IVR.

To get the best service for your customers, all timing and retry parameters are configurable through the Administration Portal.


There is no limit to the number of Groups which can be configured on a Microtalk Cloud PBX.

Each Group supports an unlimited number of Agents � simply Add or Remove Agents to / from a Group via the Management Portal.

Groups can be addressed through an Internal Extension Number and External DDI numbers (unlimited).

Agents can Pause and Un-Pause calls being put through to them during their shift e.g. to allow for additional data entry after the call has ended.

Simply load the recordings you wish your callers to hear in to the Management Portal and they will be played while the caller is waiting to be answered.

Avoid unanswered callers who have waited too long hanging up by forwarding the call to alternative destinations for answering.

There is no limit to the number of Queues which can be set up to manage incoming callers. Each Queue can have its own external number and caller routing rules.

Get the optimum performance from multi-skilled Agents and give customers the best service by allocating Agents to multiple Groups based on their skills.

Configurable message when caller is put in to a queue for a Group.

To support Agents working in multiple Groups, the Group ID is presented to the Agent on an incoming call.

Select from our licence-free music options or upload your own through the management Portal.

Configurable timeout allows a call to overflow from one Group to another if a call has been waiting too long to be answered.

There is no limit to the number of calls which can be queued at any one time.

Available incoming call distribution algorithms include:
Ring All

Longest Idle Agent

Round Robin

Top Down

Agent With Least Talk Time

Agent With Fewest Calls

Sequentially By Agent Order


Agents can Login to start receiving calls at the start of their shift and Logout at the end to stop receiving calls.

Microtalk Cloud PBX supports unlimited number of queued calls arriving at a Group for answering.

After a configurable amount of time, chose to route to unanswered calls to:

Voice Mail

Another Group


Top Down

Auto Attendant

External Number (landline, mobile or international)

If a user is on a call and a second call arrives then the user is notified of the second call by background tone, giving them the option to end or hold the first call and answer the incoming call.


By publicising different DID numbers, callers can call a number most appropriate to their query (e.g. Sales, Support, Bill Queries) and be routed to agents with the best skills to deal with their queries.

Combine Incoming Numbers with Groups and IVR functionality to route calls based on Agent Skills and get maximum Agent contribution and the highest levels of customer service.

By collecting input data from callers, the system can be configured to route callers with specific questions to the a Group of Agents with the right skills to most quickly answer the callers' questions.

Every Agent can be added to an unlimited number of Groups so that agents with multiple skills can manage multiple tasks.

Add an unlimited number of Agents with the same skill to the same Group. Add unlimited number of Groups to collect together Agents with the same skills.

By selecting Top Down Automatic Call Distribution Routing, the agents with the highest level of a specific skill can be preferentially routed to.


There is no limit to the number of calls which can be recorded at the same time.

You chose which calls to record (configurable per extension):

Internal Incoming

Internal Outgoing

External Incoming

External Outgoing

Playing of the recording is directly supported through Cloud PBX Management Portal without the need to download files.

Any User can dial the Record Announcement feature from their phone and instantly record a new announcement. This announcement is sent to their registered email address as an attachment. This announcement can then be uploaded by any user with System Administrator privileges and will go live immediately

There are varying Data Protection requirements in different countries around the world. To enable regulatory compliance in your region, the Microtalk Cloud PBX supports storage on to Amazon Web Services (in any region) and your own servers (via FTP).

Recording can be selected for any Conference Bridge as a useful record of the meeting.

Downloading of recordings is supported through the Cloud PBX Management Portal.

You chose which extensions to record.

There is no limit to the number of levels of Automated Attendant supported. This is enabled through the powerful concept of an Automated Attendant having the option to route to another Automated Attendant.

There are often requirements to record all calls but to not record certain confidential information within a call (for example the CVV code of a credit card may not be recorded in order to comply with Payment Card Industry rules).

Recording Stop / Start features are available as dial-up Features Codes from any phone and as buttons in the Desktop Softphone (for easy use by Contact Centre Agents).


The Cloud PBX platform supports an unlimited number of Direct Dial In (DDI) local, national and international supported.

Microtalk fully supports porting of your existing numbers in countries where porting is mandated by the regulator. Where porting is not part of the regulatory framework then Microtalk recommends and supports Network Call Forward.

There is no limit to the number of timespans (times of day) within a Route.

We have Toll Free (Free Phone) numbers available to enable your customers to call you for free.

Each individual incoming number can be configured with its own routing rules.

Automatically change the routing of incoming calls when the office is closed.

Each individual Timespan supports routing to:

Voice Mail


Next Level IVR & Auto Attendant

External Number (including landline, mobile and international)

All your number are hosted on our cloud. Microtalk cloud supports multiple routes to the public networks for maximum reliability of your incoming calls.

Change incoming call routing of any number based on the day of the week.

We have numbers available from many cities to give you a local presence to improve the image you present to your customers.


Call Detail Records are updated as each call is completed in real-time, with no delays.

Calls with all call outcomes are saved i.e. calls which are Connected and calls which are Not Connected. This enables you to see missed calls in order to change the resourcing levels to answer missed calls during peak hours.

On-line tools support searching and ordering by a specific date range (down to daily resolution).

Each Call Detail Record includes the following data fields.

Source Number

Dialled Number

Destination Number

Destination Name

Call Type

Call Start (Date and Time)

Duration (Seconds)

Call Detail Records are available on-line (and for use with the included on-line search tools) for up to 90 days.

On-line tools support filtering and ordering calls by their source e.g. a specific Extension User.

On-line tools support searching and ordering by a specific time range (down to one minute resolution).

It is possible to download the last 90 days of Call Detail Records to Excel to store locally (should you require access to this data in the future). This feature is also useful if you wish to download a set of filtered results to share with the rest of the organisation e.g. missed calls for Customer Services to call back.

The system stores data on all call types - Internal, External Inbound, External Outbound.

On-line tools support searching and ordering calls by destination number (both internal and external).

The system supports connecting to the Microtalk communication cloud in different regions. It is possible to filter and display calls by a specific region if you have users connected in multiple regions.

All the details of incoming calls are recorded (including the Caller ID). This enables you to return any missed calls.