What is FTTP and its Benefits?

What is FTTP? Is it not the same as Fibre Optic? What are the benefits of FTTP? We have gotten these questions a lot since launching FTTP in the UK.

Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) is a fibre optic cable transmission system that enables an Internet service provider to access the Internet directly from customers or a group of users (ISP).

The main benefit of this system is that it offers super speeds up to 990Mb, but there are other benefits too.

  • It is dependable and reliable
  • It’s designed to be adaptable
  • It has a higher bandwidth capacity

Not all businesses need high broadband speeds, but if you plan to grow, then future-proofing with a direct FTTP might be your best choice. What is also different about FTTS is how this is installed. In an old scenario, you would have a landline, and with this one, you have a data cable, so your line is a data line, and there is not even a socket for it. Another advantage of FTTP is that when you have your fibre broadband line installed, you can have a VoIP number already (you claim a free VoIP number here), or if have a cloud phone installed, you can just download the app to your phone and receive calls as you would normally but there would be coming to a different, perhaps your business number. This way, you only carry 1 mobile device with you. Another advantage of cloud/VoIP telephony.

At Microtalk, we now offer FTTP and global landline numbers along with a brand new online portal. You can track and record your calls, add on-hold music or even connect virtual assistants. Broadband is currently overly complicated for consumers with hidden fees, long, complex contracts, and poor service. We offer 24/7/365 Support, no hidden fees, and fast installation.

Among the top areas for FTTP coverage as of now are Hull, London, Surrey, and Berkshire, but bucking the urban trend is Cornwall, thanks to a big deployment by Openreach. To find out where your area ranks in terms of high-speed implementation, check out FTTP Availability Checker. Here you can find out what current speeds are available by district or postcode.

We have been supporting businesses across the UK with their communications needs for over 15 years, and we are now here to deliver the next-generation connectivity for your business. If you like to speak to one of our agents, simply call our London office on 0203 630 1100 or visit



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