What is DDoS protection and mitigation?

Increased reliance on internet access and online applications bring countless advantages for your business. However, this means you also need to be aware of how to protect your business from a growing number of threats. There is a growing risk of a type of cyber-attack that is designed to make the service unusable for its intended users by overwhelming servers, devices, or applications with requests that overload systems and so prevent their use by legitimate users. Therefore, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection is rightly one of the foremost popular security measures that business internet providers now offer. Read on to learn more about DDoS and the steps to take to protect your business.

Which businesses are susceptible to a DDoS attack?

DDoS attacks are a daily threat to all online businesses and organisations. They’ve been likened to a group of people crowding the entryway of a shop and making it hard for actual customers to enter, so disrupting trade. In real terms, this means these attacks cut service and slow down sites or services to compromise business operations.

Who do attackers normally target? DoS attacks are often directed towards high-profile web servers (think banks and payment gateways) and motivated by revenge, blackmail, or activism. However, no site is off-limits to hackers and, if targeted, small businesses may take a more severe hit as their recovery has more severe financial implications. Therefore, all online businesses have to protect themselves against hackers and luckily there are ways to resist attacks.

How can my business protect against DDoS attacks?

To protect your network and ensure it can’t fall prey to attacks, you need an effective DDoS protection and mitigation solution designed to neutralise attacks before they get a chance to compromise your operations. To achieve this high level of protection, simply select a secure network connection with high-level protection.

DDoS Protection and Mitigation Solutions

It’s easy to find a cost-effective and fast internet connection for your business these days. However, you need to consider security as an equally important factor. DDoS protection and mitigation work by separating normal and malicious requests within your internet traffic.

1. Detection

If unusual or suspicious traffic is detected, the protection system is activated.

2. Response

Once activated, the protection system can separate suspicious from legitimate traffic and the Domain Name System (DNS) routing diverts the malicious traffic away.

3. Safeguarding

By detecting patterns to distinguish between legitimate and malicious traffic, the DDoS protection can learn the patterns of normal traffic and filter them without disrupting the user experience. This is DDoS mitigation and is vital to safeguard against future DDoS attacks. Manual DDoS mitigation has been used in the past but is generally no longer recommended as DDoS attackers have found ways to overcome mitigation software that is activated manually. To stay one step ahead of hackers, your DDoS mitigation protection can be implemented via your cloud-based internet provider. 

DDoS protection and mitigation are available through cloud-based internet providers such as  Microtalk. Contact us to learn how to enhance the security of your business.

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