Telephony Tools That Help Your Business

What do all business owners — from startups to larger enterprises — have in common? Aside from a drive to succeed and expertise, it’s that reliable communications between employees and customers are crucial to any company.

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing the telephony tools that can help your business thrive and grow. Some of these features may be familiar to you, some you may not have considered, but all can aid your business by improving the day-to-day workload for yourself and your employees and, in turn, providing benefits that get passed on to your customers.

Secure the Essentials: Cloud PBX and Reliable Internet

Wait! Before we go any further, have you got the essentials in place? To access the tools for your business that will enable easy call handling, you’ll need a Cloud PBX and a reliable internet connection.

A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephone system connects employees both internally and to the outside world. A Cloud PBX is not limited to a traditional desk phone, as calls can be managed via a softphone or even a mobile phone app. In order to work, an internet connection is required. That’s it! No need for a mass of hardware or cables in your office, and no maintenance checks either as it operates via the cloud.

Microtalk broadband is a network optimised for business communications and provides the gold standard of connectivity. We offer broadband internet across a variety of technologies and wholesale providers, ensuring we can offer a solution no matter your needs and location. You can even get great bundles with our voice products, such as Cloud PBX, so you’ll be able to access these telephony tools straight away.

International Numbers

Now your internet is sorted and your Cloud PBX is in place, where would you like to call? With a Cloud PBX, the answer is anywhere. At Microtalk, international numbers are our specialty and we’ll be able to provide your business with a number from any country in the world.

This allows you utilise local numbers to optimise your business operations across the globe from the comfort of home. Get ready to become a global provider and tap into new markets by enabling customers to call you using local rates.

Free-to-call Numbers

If a customer sees a toll-free number, they’ll know it is free and be more likely to call! So, you’ll never miss an opportunity to connect with your customers. The better the customer experience, the happier they’ll be with your services, and toll-free numbers are essential as you build a loyal customer base and improve the support you offer.

Employ a Digital Receptionist

You may think you can’t afford to take on any new staff right now, but you can get help from a digital receptionist for free. Your employees will know how difficult it is to handle every call quickly and efficiently, especially if they’re coming in outside normal working hours or even on a 24/7 basis.

The digital receptionist technology that a Cloud PBX can provide ensures you can provide out-of-hours support. You’ll have happy customers and an improved image by replicating the full-time receptionist services of big businesses: answer customer queries using Interactive Voice Response’s (IVR) multi-level menu, route incoming calls within the office or to an outside number, see missed calls, and more. As this service is an existing feature of your Cloud PBX, it’s affordable and a great tool that enables easier call handling, improved image, and happier customers.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a simple but essential tool for any growing business. It refers to incoming calls that are directed to another number of your choice. This allows you to balance your incoming calls by routing them to multiple employees (something your colleagues will thank you for!) and ensure customers can be directed to specialist help within your team. Again, this telephony tool improves the experience of both your employees and customers and comes with your Cloud PBX system.


You’ve seen just a few of the ways a Cloud PBX can provide a collection of useful tools to aid any business owner. To learn about more useful tools, check out our website for more information.

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