Phone Hacks to Make Your Small Business Look Big

If you’re a solo entrepreneur or small business owner, you’ll want customers to be greeted by a powerful brand with seamless services and communications. To aid this, you may want to make your company appear larger and as if you have a team of workers ready to handle all inquiries from customers or colleagues. So, how can you achieve enterprise-level communications for your small business? The answer is the phone hacks offered by a cost-effective investment in a cloud-based phone system.

1. Customers Love Toll-Free Numbers

If your business uses a phone number with your area code, customers and clients will view the company as small and local. On the other hand, having a toll-free 800 number gives you automatic nationwide appeal and association with other credible and reliable businesses. Not only do they symbolise a large and professional organisation, but customers also want to see 800 numbers as they are free to call. Toll-free numbers are routed to a cloud-based destination managed by a VoIP service and then the VoIP provider directs calls within your company, meaning all these benefits come with no extra work for you or your colleagues.

If your business doesn’t have a toll-free number, you’re missing out on one of the best ways to establish the presence of your small business and strengthen your relationship with customers.

2. Hire a (Free) Digital Receptionist

It can be difficult to handle every call quickly and efficiently on a 24/7 basis. You may have considered hiring a receptionist to manage your front desk but, as a small business owner, that may not make financial sense at this stage of your company’s journey. This doesn’t mean customers don’t expect access to information and support during the hours that suit them and, whether it seems fair or not, you’re competing alongside big businesses that operate full-time receptionist services and out-of-hours support centers.

The answer: digital receptionist technology. It ensures you can offer automated phone services to guide customers 24/7 and boost the image of your business by replicating enterprise-level communications. You can answer customer queries using Interactive Voice Response’s (IVR)  multi-level menu (thereby establishing an immediate interaction with your customer), choose to change the routing of incoming calls (even when the office is closed), see missed calls, and return them (so you’ll never lose out on an opportunity), and more. The service is a fraction of the cost of a full-time receptionist and ensures both better customer service and happier customers.

3. Go International From the Comfort of Home

Do you have any direct competitors in your current location? Do you know there is a market waiting for your business across the globe? Then consider using international phone numbers as you access new customers from your existing Cloud PBX, whilst saving on costs for offices or workers. At Microtalk, international numbers are our specialty and we can source a number from any country in the world for your business.

4. Effortless Scalability

Using a Cloud PBX and its associated features can help you build a loyal customer base and strengthen the support you offer by giving the illusion of a larger team, even when it may be just you or a handful of employees. If you’re determined to stay in line with your competition now, it’s likely your business is destined to thrive and grow. A Cloud PBX makes it easy to reduce or increase your customer service capabilities according to the current needs of your business. So, if you dream of turning your small business into a large business, a Cloud PBX is here for all your needs now and in the future.

Learn more about cost-efficient, tailor-made, and reliable cloud communication services for your small business from Microtalk.

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