On Hold Jingles For Your Business

If your customers have to spend time on hold this week, they better have some festive tunes to listen to! Christmas music may start playing earlier and earlier each year, but you’d have to be a Scrooge to not join in come December. In this post, we’ll be covering why music on hold and promotional messages are important for your business — no matter the season — and how you can easily set up your new sounds.

Why is music on hold important for your business?

When it comes to the customer experience, silence is not golden. The more control you have over your calls, the happier they’ll be and the more leads you’ll retain. Most successful businesses choose between music on hold and a recorded announcement (or a combination of the two) to entertain and inform callers while they wait. 

Why bother setting up Christmas hold music? Hold music and announcements were created to reassure customers that the phone line is still open, but have many other uses: to reduce churn, inform callers, fill time (particularly useful when your lines are busy), express your businesses identity, and even influence your caller’s attitude — including getting them into the holiday spirit!

We’ve all been on hold, it can be frustrating and time-consuming, so anything you can do to lighten the mood and relieve stress is appreciated by customers. Just as you market other areas of your business, the on-hold experience can make or break the customers first impression; the more enjoyable it is, the more receptive they will be to doing business with you and any useful message played — like their place in the calling queue or information about latest offers — shows you care.

Hold music and messages work seamlessly with the other Cloud PBX features offered by Microtalk, such as queueing calls with mute and warm transfers, queue call back, and voicemail features during the customers’ wait time.

Where can you find hold music or promotional messages?

Do you want to put some Christmas music on your hold button? It’s easy, you can do it yourself, and many messages and songs are free. On-hold Studio [] explains how you can use any .wav format audio file with music to play for calls in the queue and calls on hold using a PBX. Please Hold Advertising [] offers freehold messages and music that’s ideal for your VOIP or hosted PBX phone system and Beatsuite [] encourages users to opt for the instrumental versions of popular carols — it’s much more relaxing and easy to add in your own messages over the top. Just remember to check your average hold time, if it’s over five minutes you want to avoid a one-minute loop of Jingle Bells! Want to avoid your Christmas carols accidentally running into the new year? With a PBX, you can often set the date to automatically change your music and greetings.

Using a PBX gives you greater control over your interactions with clients and customers, including capturing the Christmas spirit for them.

Merry Christmas from Microtalk

This is our last post before the holidays, so we’d just like to wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year! We’ll be back with more blog posts in 2022, but we’re still open to inquiries at

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