Move Your Landline to the Cloud


The question of getting rid of your landline is not “If you should get rid of your landline” but more like when. The ISDN cut-off point is fast approaching, and by 2025 most UK households and businesses will not be using standard BT landlines. Instead would have an option to move to a cloud phone system, but did you know that you can keep your landline number?

There are two different processes for switching a standard phone service – ‘gaining provider-led and ‘cease and re-provide.

Moving your landline number to a cloud provider is called’ porting’. Your new cloud phone provider should and is most likely will do this for you. All you have to do is let them know you wish to move but keep the number. You must also be aware if you are not out of contract with your phone services provider.

Keeping in Touch

It is easy to understand why anyone would want to keep their landline number, your contacts might have stored this number in their phonebooks, and your customers might be relying on it to reach you. If you decide to abandon the landline number, you must inform everyone.


You might want to still have a headset at your office or home; in this case, your provider can supply you with an IP phone. At Microtalk, we provide Yealink headsets with every contract signed up for 18 months of service.

ISDN big switch off

Making the Switch Easy

Moving your landline into the cloud means that not only you can keep your number, but you can also receive calls on your mobile via an app. It also means the cost of the line is gone, and the calls are a lot cheaper.

At Microtalk, we provide competitive monthly user pricing and free international and national call minutes. We also have a free app on which you can make and receive phone calls. If you want to try any of our plans for free, fill out a form here or call our team on 0203 630 1100.


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