Microtalk Has Completed the Acquisition of MetPlus Telecom

Microtalk has completed the acquisition of MetPlus Telecom; a UK-based telecoms services reseller with a substantial residential customer base, offering high-speed fibre broadband and traditional telephony services, including home landline rental and call packages.

We’re looking forward to welcoming MetPlus Telecom subscribers to Micotalk and integrating them into our platform.

As you may have read in our blog there is a large change in the UK with BT switching off the old analogue telephone network. Luckily, Microtalk has been working on an in-house solution to allow subscribers to keep their landline number and use it on a mobile app to make and receive calls. Over the coming months, we’re hoping to upgrade everyone’s broadband to full-fibre and introduce the new landline over the mobile concept. We’re excited to showcase our future-proof technology which is available to both businesses and residential users.

Microtalk is a unified communications company and since 2008 thousands of business customers have been relying on us for their voice and internet. We are at forefront of VoIP technology and operate via 4 data centres on 3 continents.  Microtalk telephony solutions have been keeping business and remote teams going for nearly 15 years. Upgrading business systems to unify communications has been a very popular choice for many years, but it is soon to be a necessity.

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