Landlines STILL Used by 70% of UK Businesses

Despite the Big Switch Off, a recent survey conducted by National Business Communications revealed that 69.5% of surveyed UK businesses are still using landlines within their company. Last year, we spoke about the looming Big Switch Off and how companies can prepare for the move from analogue to digital telephone communications. It appears many businesses need to take action this year as the current plan is to stop selling analogue lines by 2023 and completely turn off the network by 2025.

Has your business made the switch to digital yet? If not, read on to see why you should add ‘embracing a fully digital network’ to your new year’s resolutions!

Wait, what is the Big Switch Off?

In 2015 it was announced that the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) and the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) would be switched off in favour of modern Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions like routing calls through any internet connection.

We’ve seen dramatic changes to technology over the last few decades, but our landlines have been left in the past. PSTN and ISDN form the outdated jumble of wires beneath our streets that have remained largely unchanged since the invention of telephones. So, to accommodate 21st-century demands, we’ll soon be saying goodbye to traditional landlines and making all phone calls using an internet connection.

December 2025 is ages away, why should my business act now?

You may be thinking that we’re talking about this too early, as the Big Switch Off won’t take place until 2025. But, as analogue lines will stop being sold by September 2023 and completely turned off by December 2025, it’s never too early to start making plans when your current contract comes to an end this year.

BT announced the Big Switch Off in 2015 and seven years later almost 70% of UK businesses are still using landlines. This proves that, despite the early warning, many UK businesses still need to catch up. In the report, the Chairman of National Business Communications said, “Businesses need to start preparing for the switch off now. We anticipate a hold-up in 2025 due to unprepared businesses, which may mean the industry won’t be able to keep up with the number of last-minute orders, possibly leaving businesses without a service.”

Everyone—from large businesses to individual households—needs to understand the big switch off as it applies to all phone lines. And don’t forget you’ll also need to review anything connected to your phone lines, such as alarms. So, the best way to avoid the predicted hold-up is to make the switch sooner rather than later!

What are the advantages of switching to digital telephone communications?

Last year, we provided a quick guide to the Big Switch Off, including the many benefits of SIP and VoIP. Need some further guidance? Check out the post here.

OK, I want to switch. What should I do next?

Great! Switching to digital communications in 2022 means you’ll beat the rush and get ahead of the 70% of UK businesses that are still using analogue landlines within their company.

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