How to Access Exclusive Contact Centre Features with Microtalk

Contact and call centres sit at the heart of customer services for many businesses and are relied upon during all hours of the day. In the past, this hub of communication was referred to as the ‘call centre’ as they only offered support via phone. Today, we prefer to call them ‘contact centres’ as the best call centre software now operates across all customer communication channels — from phone to email, webchat, and SMS services — by incorporating them in a single consolidated interface.

Customers and clients expect to be able to contact a business at the time that suits them in the way they prefer. You may think this will put a strain on your staff but if you have the right professional call centre capabilities in place, your business will be moving with the times and able to handle all customer interactions with ease. Read on to learn about the unique, omnichannel call and contact centre features from Microtalk and how they can boost the productivity of your business by over 25%.

Direct Inward Dialing Numbers

Direct Inward Dialing numbers, or DIDs, allow customers to bypass the main reception line and contact a particular person or department directly. The goal is to create a better caller experience and with DIDs there is no need to wait for a receptionist, automated phone menu, or get frustrated and wonder why you can’t just contact the person you are trying to reach directly. This is just one of several core advantages for businesses that implement call centre software.

Unparalleled Productivity Features and Detailed Analytics

Our contact centre software allows you to view agent performance, for example tracking and recording conversations between the agent and customer to gain deeper insights and analyse performance for training purposes.

Wallboard Manager Reports

You can also track overall performance and caller trends by using wallboards. Wallboards display information to your entire workforce — from agents to supervisors and managers — via a large television screen, desktop PC, or tablet. This can information can include anything, like current trends or sales targets, and all this data generated by your contact centre is converted into information that can be understood at a glance. Wallboards help your staff stay motivated, informed and carry out their work efficiently.

Predictive Dialling

This feature uses call metrics to speed up the dialling process and aid your employees as they make outbound calls. If one of your employees is given a list of telephone numbers, it’d take a long time to dial each number and time would also be wasted when customers didn’t pick up. Introducing predictive dialling: it automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers, detects connections and passes the call to an available employee. Your call centre will have a far higher calling rate in no time!

CRM Integration

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. What does that mean? Well, it’s everything to your customers. CRM Integration makes it possible for a business to communicate with their customers using the channel of their choice; that means by phone, text, chat, email or social media (all from Facebook to Twitter).

Access Omnichannel Communications With Microtalk

An omnichannel contact centre allows customers to seamlessly switch back and forth across communication channels when seeking support. As Microtalk is an omnichannel call and contact centre, we provide all the options listed above for perfect CRM Integration.

This freedom works for your agents too, as Microtalk’s contact centre services allow your business to manage communications anytime, anywhere. For example, our cloud-based virtual call centre software requires no hardware or IT technicians as it is simply downloaded from a browser or as a mobile app (or both) and installed on existing electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops. Therefore, on-site maintenance is obsolete and you can forward all customer communications to mobile numbers and landlines to manage business calls in the office, when working from home, or employ the services of a third-party call centre. As well as his also enabling 24/7 customer service and multilingual support, this also has the added benefit of lower installation and operating costs!

Integrate Your Call Centre with Other Microtalk Products

Virtual call center software functions through VoIP technology. With VoIP infrastructure, calls are transmitted over an internet connection to suitable electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and VoIP hard phones. This means our contact centre services can be easily integrated with your existing Cloud PBX and fibre internet from Microtalk.

Our cloud-based call centre software offers unparalleled productivity features and detailed analytics of all your phone operations from a single intuitive interface. View all the Microtalk contact centre features and visit our website to start your trial today.

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