Getting a Business Landline at Home

Long gone are the days when your landline was tied to one location with a phone at the office for business, a separate number at home, and no way to connect the two. Getting a business landline at home means you can use your business phone number anywhere: essential in a world where working from home and hybrid working is the new normal. If you want to add flexibility to your business and working model, along with the ease of call handling provided by a business landline, read on to learn about the other benefits you may have overlooked and how to get a business landline in your home.

Never Miss a Call

Your phone number and the initial telephone conversation held with clients and customers are often used to form the very first impression of you and your business. As we all know, first impressions are easy to make but take a while to break. So, this communication channel is vital in deciding whether you gain or lose custom. To ensure you always secure clients and customers, this experience needs to be consistent, well-established, and professional.

If all calls are routed through your business landline number, people will always know how to reach you, and they’ll be assured they always can. No need to hand out separate numbers for contacting you at different times during the week, each depending upon where you’re working from. Your clients and customers don’t have time for that, and neither do you. Getting a business landline at home streamlines and simplifies your essential communications.

By routing all calls through your business landline number and having a dedicated business number, you reinforce a sense of professionalism and give consistency to your communications by picking up on the same number wherever you are and benefiting from greater call handling control.

You can achieve this with either a virtual landline or by setting up a VoIP phone at home.

Virtual Landlines & VoIP at Home

A virtual landline works by diverting one phone number to another so you can easily pick up the call on your mobile or another device of your choice (including another landline). So, the number you choose will ring straight through to the phone of your choice, and there is no extra work for the caller.

The second option for getting a business landline at home is by using voice over internet protocol (VoIP). You can set up a VoIP phone at home using a traditional desk phone or for your smartphone, as all it means is that you’ll be using your broadband to make the connection. So, providing you have high-speed internet, a router, and a VoIP adaptor, you’re good to go! Your service provider will aid you with this, including how to connect your adaptor.

Benefits of a Home VoIP Business Landline

If you get a VoIP business landline at home, you’ll be able to access all the same features you benefited from in the office. These include enhanced call control like queuing calls with mute, hold, and warm transfer; call recording for inbound and outbound calls in real-time; digital receptionist features that allow you to answer every customer query a multi-level menu to establish an immediate interaction with customers; and many more features.

Getting a business landline at home leaves you with better communications, along with cost-effective calling, multiple features, and the option to scale your communications up or down easily.

As our working practices change, it makes sense that our communications should keep up with the times. To find out more and get a business landline at your home, talk to Microtalk today.


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