5 Reasons Customer Service Teams Need VoIP

Your customer service team is the frontline of your business so, whether your company is large or small, customers need constant and reliable access whenever they require support or information. These days customers expect to contact a business when it is convenient for them and prefer to speak to a real person to receive immediate answers. How can you easily meet these needs to ensure you’re staying in line with your competition? You need VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol or IP telephony). Read on to learn how VoIP works and see how it can reward you with satisfied customers.

1. Say Goodbye to Missed Calls

With VoIP, missed calls are a thing of the past and your clients can gain the customer experience they deserve. VoIP is a cloud-based system, so it receives all customer calls (even if there is no employee currently available to take the call). It is simple to set up your VoIP system to allow customers to leave a message, offer a call back, or even redirect their call to an out of office mobile or alternative office site that is operational at the time of their call. 

2. Reduce Wait Times

As well as offering a better service, VoIP enables this service to be provided quickly. No one likes being left on hold and with the help of VoIP (that uses automatic routing to try multiple numbers at once) you can ensure customer calls are answered within a few seconds and that one employee, or team, is not over-stretched. Reducing wait times improves the customer experience and reduces the rate of abandoned calls. It is irritating to be passed between employees and asked to repeat a query, so VoIP enables employees to hold a call and consult with a supervisor to quickly solve customer problems. 

3. Effortless Scalability

Looking to grow your business? Unsure if you’ll need to scale back in the future? A VoIP phone system makes it easy to reduce or increase your customer service capabilities according to the current needs of your business. 

4. Benefit from a Toll-Free Number

A business of any size can benefit from a toll-free number offered with VoIP. A toll-free number allows customers to call you (regardless of their location so all long-distance charges are avoided) — a service that instantly establishes your business as reputable. When your business receives a call, the toll-free number allows your employees to see the customer’s contact details and other information (such as their complaint or sales history). This is another way VoIP improves both the customer and employee experience.

5.  Save Costs

After reading that list of benefits, you may be surprised to learn that using VoIP is cheaper than using traditional wired phone lines! The call rates are low, VoIP is easy to maintain, and you can easily add new lines. VoIP is the perfect combination of low costs and high efficiency. With less time focused on the cost of your calls and maintaining your lines, you can spend more time on growing your business and serving your clients.

The powerful tools offered by VoIP ensure you’ll never lose custom provides a more enjoyable experience (for both staff and clients), and allows you to answer queries faster than your competition. If you’re ready to switch to VoIP, then why not consider the services offered by Microtalk?

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