5 Advantages of Toll-Free Numbers for Businesses

Does your business have a toll-free number? If not, you’re missing out on one of the best ways to establish the presence of your company (large or small) and strengthen your relationship with customers. Toll-free numbers allow customers to call your business for free as their call is routed to a cloud-based destination managed by a VoIP service and then the VoIP provider directs the customers call within your company. It is clear the performance of your business can be significantly improved by use of an 1800 toll-free number. So, we’re going to look at the top five reasons why your business needs a toll-free number.

1. Customers Love Toll-Free Numbers

Most obviously, if a customer sees a toll-free number, they will know it is free and will be more likely to call. Aside from this, they allow customers to contact you easily and during the specified periods of time or 24/7. If you offer a 24/7 customer support team you can answer their call at any time but, if not, you can also see the missed call and return it, so you’ll never lose out on an opportunity or an important lead. The better the customer service, the happier your customers will be, and toll-free numbers are essential to build a loyal customer base and strengthen the support you offer.

2. Toll-Free Numbers Signify a Credible Business

Many customers associate toll-free numbers with credible and reliable businesses, so it is something they want to see on your website. As mentioned above, it signifies a free call and excellent service but also means your business will be recognised as a large and professional organisation. Toll-free numbers are trusted by everyone.

3. Perfect Portability

Ever wonder if you will relocate your business? That often brings the need for new numbers and worries about communicating your new contact information to customers. Toll-free numbers are portable across the world, so location doesn’t matter! You can move and your loyal customers won’t need to know, as you retain the same image and there is no disruption when handling communications from customers.

4. An Easy Marketing Tool

Contact numbers are a vital marketing tool and their importance to analytics shouldn’t be overlooked. A toll-free number allows you to create extensions that can be used for different marketing campaigns, so easily assist in managing your marketing efforts. Imagine placing different phone numbers on your website, a newspaper advert, or a billboard and tracking them to see how to easily increase your call volume.

5. Toll-Free Numbers are Cost-Effective

With all these advantages you may imagine toll-free numbers to be expensive, but they are easy to access and affordable for businesses of all sizes. At Microtalk we offer the toll-free number services required to give you the edge over your competitors. Check out our plans here.

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