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Travel the World with the Microtalk Roaming SIM Free when you buy £20 Credit

Microtalk's Roaming SIM allows low price, high quality calls to be made from your mobile handset while you’re abroad. You pay calling card prices to make calls, and receive calls in many major countries Free of charge.

Other global SIM card companies provide you with international mobile numbers where calls made to these numbers will be expensive for the person calling you. We provide UK phone numbers where people calling you will not pay more than 19p per minute from a BT line. 

If you would like a local presence, we can assign you a local number for the country you are going to. That way your colleagues would only pay for a local call, no matter where you are in the world.

  • Free incoming calls to all major countries
  • No more extortionate roaming charges
  • Travel with a UK and international number - have as many as you need
  • Easy pre-arranged automatic top up
  • Global mobile network
  • Well-established service provider

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