Cheap Calls to India    

Keep in touch with your loved beings despite the distance.

Making phone calls to India with Microtalk is cheap and simple. The distance is no longer an impediment to keep in touch with your people. At 2p per minute, talk all you want. Just follow the instructions below.

Country Rate Access Number   Country
To make a call from a landline[1]

bullet India 2p 0844 979 4501 0091
bullet India Mobile 2p 0844 979 4501 0091

Now that you have your cheap call access number it's as easy as 1,2,3!

Dial the Microtalk access number for the country you want to call.
When prompted dial 00 then the country code then the number you want to call
You will be connected.

[1] Prices shown on this website are BT's charges per minute for calling the microtalk access number. Charges are per second from connection to the Microtalk service. BT's standard connection charge applies to each call.
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