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What happens when I join Microtalk?

You simply sign up with us, either online or by calling our sales line 0800 814 4404. We'll write to you to confirm the date of the switch, and you should be on one of our call plans within 14 working days. You don't have to contact your current supplier to cancel; we do it for you. You start enjoying Microtalk rates as soon as your line is switched.

What do I need to join Microtalk?

All you need is your existing home phone and a BT landline (or a similar, non-cable line, e.g. Homecall, Post Office). Microtalk is not available to cable customers, or to BT customers on the Low User scheme. We don't recommend that you activate Microtalk on lines used for burglar or fire alarms.

Will I still receive a line rental bill from BT or other service provider?

Yes. You will still receive a bill from BT or other service provider for line rental, if you have chosen not to use Microtalk for your line rental and for any other services or calls you make which are not routed through your Microtalk Broadband and phone calls package.

Is line rental included with my Microtalk phone calls package?

If you have registered through our website or over the telephone and if you haven't chosen to exclude line rental, then it must be included in your call package.

I have cable at home - can I have Microtalk phone calls?

No. Unfortunately your home telephone line must be provided by BT in order for you to have Microtalk phone calls.

What will happen if I cancel my BT line?

Unfortunately if you cancel your BT line your Microtalk Broadband and phone calls services will automatically be cancelled.

How do I get a second line?

If you require a secondary line, you can arrange for this directly via BT or through Microtalk.

How do I sign up for Online Billing?

If you would like to sign up for Online Billing, just visit Microtalk login. Once you logged on you will get a link to sign for online billing. Or, Call us at 0800 814 4404, we will change your billing option.

When will my bill arrive?

Your first bill will arrive within four weeks of going live with Microtalk. You will get a bill every month.

How and when do I pay?

All Microtalk customers must pay by Direct Debit or recurring Credit/Debit Card payment. All call charges and charges for your call plan will be deducted from your account 14 days after the bill date.

Am I charged for paper billing?

There is a 1 per month charge for paper billing. However, online account management is quick and easy. Your bill will be e-mailed to you each month, and you can view it online at anytime.

Can I choose between paper/online billing?

Yes, you can cancel your paper bills and see everything online. If you prefer to keep receiving paper bills after this, there's a 1 per month charge. To activate online billing and manage your account online just go to Microtalk login using your customer reference number and the password you choose. Once you have activated online billing, you can choose to no longer receive paper bills and manage them completely online.

Can I see my bill online?

Of course. Your Microtalk online account is enabled as soon as we start providing you services, where you can see your itemised bills, payments you've made, and the services you have. You can manage the calling features set up on your line and set up and manage your calling circle.

When will the money be extracted from my account?

Payment will be extracted from your bank account 14 days after the Invoice Date on your bill.

Can I change my direct debit date?

Unfortunately, we are unable to change the date your bill is sent out and hence the date your direct debit is extracted. This is due to the fact that our system is totally automated.

What is my Call Limit?

Our standard Microtalk call limit is 50 per month for residential customers and 200 for business customers. This can be raised or lowered by speaking to Customer Services.

How do I change my calling plan?

Existing Microtalk landline customers can switch to another call plan or add services like broadband just by calling customer service at 0800 814 4404.

How do I change my Direct Debit details?

To change the account we collect payment from, Go to your online account and select Direct Debits under Payment. We are unable to change the date your bill is sent out, and hence the date your direct debit is extracted. This is due to the fact that our system is totally automated. Payment will be extracted from your bank account 14 days after the Invoice Date on your bill.

How do I change my address?

If you are changing address, please contact Customer Services as soon as you have a firm moving date. We can then switch your broadband and your landline over to the new house without any problem and without incurring any additional costs from Microtalk - you will not be charged the connection fee again. However, you will need to sign a new contract for the new property.

This service is dependent on the network availability of your new house. If there is no BT line at the new house then you will need to get one installed - but be aware you may incur a cancellation fee if disconnecting from another supplier.

The following information is required when contacting us (please enter in the Additional Information section):

  • The full address and postcode of the new house
  • The date you are moving out of the current address
  • Whether there is an active / inactive BT telephone line at the new address
  • The existing telephone number of the line at the new address (if it is active).

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